Who is PodOut?

We are a technology company based in Holland.

PodOut was born to give content creators, collectors and curators a place to store not just their files but also links (bookmarks) from the web and their own article.

How Does It Work?

You can use PodOut for your personal use, to store your own files, bookmarks, etc and make them shareable with your friends, clients, collaborators and supporters.

You can also publish your Pods for sale. You decide the price for your Pods. We put a 25% commission on top of your price.

We receive the funds and we send you a bank transfer at the start of every month with a bulk payment for all of your sales in the previous month.

PodOut is free to use for personal use and to sell access to Pods. We don't put ads anywhere on the site and we will never use or share your content.

PodOut is a technology platform that you can use as a complement to your other online places.

Who Is It For?

PodOut is for everyone. If you are a professional and you need to share your files or web research with your colleagues or a student and you want to place your weblinks in a single place, PodOut can help you organising your online content.

PodOut can help anyone who wants to place their digital content in shareable containers to be shared for collaboration or for fun or to make some money from selling access to the Pods.

These are some of the categories who would benefit from using PodOut:




Fashion Labels and Fashion Enthusiasts

Chefs and Cooks


Video Makers

Sign Up and Start Selling

PodOut is free to join and use.