Collect and organise links and files in Pods

About PodOut

PodOut is a web platform to collect links, files, posts and RSS feeds into Pods.

Pods are flexible and can contain a mix of media and other Pods as well.

You can easily find your content and other people's content.

How does it work?

Make as many Pods as you like, divide them by categories and save your links and files in your Pods.

Your Pods can be public or private. You can send your public Pods to your friends and share files, links and other information on your channels.

You can make collaboration Pods and have your friends collect links and files in the same Pods as you.

Read a recent case study here Schools Case Study.

Getting Started

We have put together a few articles to help you getting started.

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We want to make PodOut the best place to collect, organise and share links, photos, videos and files in general.

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